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What does Your Career Mean to You?

What does your career mean to you? Just decades ago when hearing this question, individuals would only be prompted to reflect on how they experience their jobs. Today this question encourages deeper reflection by individuals about what matters to them in their careers.

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Heart and brain> Create and Connect
Heart and brain

The majority of the new venture teams fail within their first year of founding. It is therefore important to understand what drives new venture team performance.

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CITIZENS OF THE (GREEN) WORLD?> Create and Connect

Environmental degradation has become one of society’s key concerns. At the same time, despite widespread pro-environmental attitudes, consumers frequently purchase non-environmentally friendly goods or exhibit non-environmentally friendly behaviour.

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Learning, Community and Career Development> Create and Connect
Learning, Community and Career Development

ABRI focuses on learning as a key constituent of Doctoral candidates’ everyday experience. ABRI further believes that focusing on a community encourages knowledge creation and dissemination. With a strong emphasis on career development, we believe that Doctoral candidates’ credibility comes not only from doing good research but from being an excellent academic.

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ABRI Programmes> Create and Connect
ABRI Programmes

We believe that by offering a demanding yet well balanced programme candidates will be well prepared for an academic career or performing outstanding business practice research. ABRI offers programmes for Master students as well as fulltime and part-time Doctoral candidates.

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International orientation> Create and Connect
International orientation

Doctoral candidates are encouraged to partake in courses abroad as these experiences promote the intellectual and social development of candidates. This also applies to foreign participants who are interested in courses taught by ABRI. ABRI welcomes foreign participants to be as fully involved as possible with the content and fellow participants of courses.

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    26 - 30 September | TBA | Other

    Amsterdam Capital Week

    27 September | 13:00 | Seminar

    ABRI Seminar Shaul Bar-Lev

    27 September | 15:00 | Other

    Matchmaking for Big Data: Data Dates

    27 September | 13:45 | PhD conferral

    PhD Defence J. Cizel

    29 September | 18:00 - 20:00 | Other

    PhD Council Dinner

    5 October | 13:00 - 17:00 | Other

    KIN Technology and Innovation Community meeting

    6 October | 11:45 | PhD conferral

    PhD Defence Evgenia Lysova

    6 October | 15:15 | Seminar

    Seminar Organisational Behaviour

    7 October | 12:00 | Seminar

    KIN Seminar Shaz Ansari

    11 October | 16:00 | Seminar

    ABRI Research Seminar Gerben de Jong

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