Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

The Faculty of Economics of VU University Amsterdam was established in 1948. In 1987 the faculty merged with the Faculty of Actuarial Science and Econometrics to form the Faculty of Economics, Business Administration and Econometrics. Currently the faculty is referred to as FEWEB (which stands for the Dutch equivalent of Faculty of Economics and Business Administration).

FEWEB is a medium-sized faculty, with approximately 4000 students, 1500 postgraduate students and about 400 academic and non-academic members of staff. The faculty is headed by the Faculty Board, consisting of the dean, the director of education and the director of research.

Research at the faculty is organised into twelve research programmes, covering both business and economics:

    • Accounting and Decision Making (ADM)
    • Applied Labour Economics (ALE)
    • Farms and Firms: The Microeconomics of Poverty, Risk and Development (FF)
    • Finance and Banking (FB)
    • Human Resources (HR)
    • Logistics, Information, Networks and Knowledge (LINK)
    • Marketing Strategy (MS)
    • Operations Research and Information Technology (OR&IT)
    • Spatial, Transport and Environmental Economics (STREEM)
    • Strategic and Co-operative Decision Making (SCDM)
    • Strategic Entrepreneurship (SE)
    • Time Series Econometrics: methods, computations and applications (TSE)

Internationally renowned research groups such as Knowledge, Information, and Networks (KIN) are part of the faculty. The educational programmes offered by the faculty are closely linked to research programmes, and students are taught by staff members with strong research qualifications. The Doctoral programme for economics is organized in the Tinbergen Institute (TI), and the programme for business is organised in Amsterdam Business Research Institute.

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