ABRI Mission


By 2017, we aim to be recognized as a centre of excellence in business and management
research known for its distinctive ability to connect world-class research with practice in
the context of the creative and service industries


As a research-intensive institute with an enduring reputation we strive to:

Create, advance and disseminate research-based business and management knowledgeDevelop outstanding graduates on PhD programme and scholars who will shape research agendasPromote academic research into practice to make a major impact on the regional, national and European economy

Stakeholders and Partners

Our stakeholders – including our staff, students, alumni, external sponsors and business partners – expect ABRI to:

Produce exceptional graduates who become the academic and business leaders of tomorrowProvide a stimulating research environment that supports and promotes excellence in researchBe an intellectual hub in the city of Amsterdam recognized for its vibrant, diverse, international community and culture Produce cutting-edge research with impact for the creative and service industries (professional, financial and business services)

Key Themes

Inspire our students to develop their full academic potential

Translate excellence in research and scholarship into learning opportunities for studentsDeliver academic training and a postgraduate research experience that attracts the world’s best studentsRecruit and support high quality students from diverse (ethnic, disciplinary) backgrounds

Achieve an influential world-leading research profile in business and management

Deliver international excellence in all of the
main areas of business and management
research with defined peaks of world-leading performance
Ambitiously grow our market share of research incomeDevelop and maintain highqualityInternational strategic partnerships with business schools and professional associations

Create and nurture a scholarly environment that is connected to the city and the region

Deliver opportunities for outreach through showcase seminars and lecturesIntegrate ABRI research into taught executive programmesCreate a stimulating intellectual environment that provides space for interactions with stakeholders

Increase impact ranging from a local to global scale

Work with local, regional and European business, public and third-sector partners (e.g., AEDB) to create social and economic benefitPromote knowledge transfer and innovation activities from research


Academic excellenceIntegrityDiversity