Welcome to the Amsterdam Business Research Institute (ABRI)!

The Amsterdam Business Research Institute (ABRI), established in 2009 by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, is one of the largest institutes of business and management research in Europe. Located in the midst of the business and financial district of Amsterdam – the Amsterdam Zuidas – the distinct expertise of ABRI lays in the business performance and management of professional and financial services. With a specific focus on this sector, ABRI’s researchers conduct research and offer doctoral (PhD) education in six areas:

  1. Accounting & Financial Management
  2. Digital Innovation & Transformation
  3. Logistics & Operations Research
  4. Marketing
  5. Organisational Behaviour & HRM
  6. Strategy & Entrepreneurship

Dozens of public and private organizations, among which are ABN AMRO, Deloitte, KPMG and Continental AG, collaborate with ABRI in research and business intelligence and in addressing today's business and management challenges. These business-science partnerships are aimed at delivering rigorous and relevant contributions not only to better business practices and processes within organizations in the Netherlands, but also to contribute to a stronger European economy.

Browse our web-site to learn about recent research findings concerned with business and management, and to initiate a new collaboration to benefit your organisation!