BSc Honours Programme

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 The VU Bachelor Honours programme comprises at least 30 EC on top of your regular BSc programme Most Honours courses are 6 EC and an odd few 12 EC. These courses are spread out over year 2 and 3 of your Bachelor – with the exception of one first-year Honours course in the second half of the first year. This first-year course provides you with an opportunity to get acquainted with this programme. Most Honours students follow 5 courses of 6 EC, but you may take more. 

The programme is taught in English. Only a select group of motivated, talented students can participate in the programme. Students participating in the VU Honours programme come from different faculties, thus broadening your academic horizon through interdisciplinary class discussions and team work. Upon successfully completing the programme, you receive a special BSc diploma, stating that you have participated in the VU Honours programme and have completed your BSc degree with an increased study load of 30 EC. A successful completion of the Honours programme also increases your future opportunities for follow-up studies, e.g., your chances to enter one of our top international research master programmes (MPhil), possibly leading to a future PhD.

Application to the VU Honours programme

If you, as a SBE student, are motivated to participate in this programme and you feel you are qualified, then you can register for enrolment by filling out the application form before May 1 of your first year. Your application has to include the following material:

  • a letter of motivation directed to the SBE coordinator of the Honours Programme commission Dr. Harold Houba, together with
  • your resume,
  • list of grades and the grade average of all courses passed so far.

More information

More info can be found here and here.

If you have further questions with respect to the VU Honours programme or the enrolment procedure, you can mail to Also the study advisors are ready to advise you on your participation to the Honours programme.