The MSc Honours Programme in Business Research is carried out every year between January and August, and includes the following core components:  

CourseECTSTentatively scheduled in
Honours Research Colloquia9 ECTSJanuary - March
Advanced Qualitative Methods or Quantitative Research Methods6 ECTSApril
Writing Master Class 5 ECTS     February - August         

Overview of courses

Honours Research Colloquia (HRC)
The Honours Research Colloquia aims to expose students to advanced topics in ten business and organisation research fields. During ten weeks, ten ABRI research tracks intensively tutor students on the most recent research topics in each of the fields. Next to the focus on the content of research in each of the business fields, special attention is drawn to specifics of research within different business fields, types of research questions, relevant methods, and scope of research implications.
The course assignment involves writing an original research proposal on any of the business topics. The proposal can be used for the Master Thesis research or can be used by students to acquire research funding for a PhD position or apply for a JR position for instance. 

Statistical Quantitative Research Methods (SQRM)
This course offers an overview of advanced statistical quantitative methods in different research design settings. Students are taught to make informed decisions regarding choices of statistical analysis techniques. The emphasis is on advanced and recent techniques that are used in top business journals including Accounting, Organizations & Society, Organization Science, and The Journal of Marketing among others. These methods include for example structural and simultaneous equation models, partial least-squares models, models relating to self-selectivity and endogeneity. Lab sessions will be organised to give students hands-on experience.

Qualitative Research Methods (QRM)
Qualitative methods enable students to conduct in-depth, analytical, complexity-structuring empirical research. Students learn to conduct the parts of qualitative research that fit with the elements of a qualitative research publication (methodology and methods, literature, empirical findings, discussion/analysis, conclusion). 

Academic Writing Masterclass
The course aims to equip students with knowledge and skills to enhance their framing, writing and reviewing skills. These skills are highly important for academic work as well as for consulting or other research-related tasks. These tasks indirectly can also help in the thesis writing phase or the writing of a research proposal. During this course students will receive hands-on tips on how to frame, structure, and write an academic article/thesis/proposal. Peer review will be organized to provide high quality and timely feedback on students’ work in progress. This peer review is an integral learning aspect of the course as the ability to constructively provide feedback to improve others’ work is an essential part of the writing process. Peer review is two-way and therefore learning to deal with others’ feedback is discussed in class as a method to improve one's work.

Next to the core courses of the MSc Honours Programme, students are encouraged to participate in other research activities and events organised by ABRI. Among them are ABRI Research Seminars, and advanced specialisation courses.