MSc Honours Programme in Operations Research

General Information
The MSc Honours Programme Operations Research offers the opportunity for students in their master year to broaden and deepen their knowledge on state-of-the-art operations research techniques.

The program consists of twee master courses from the program of the LNMB ( 6 ECTS per course) and the “OR research seminar” (6 ECTS) organized by the OR-group of the department of econometrics and operations research at the VU. Students can choose the courses from the LNMB master-course program according to their interest. The LNMB provides a great variety of high level courses on deterministic and  stochastic operations research.  Details on the LNMB courses can be found at .

The total amount of credits of the honoursprogram is 18 ECTS. A student will finish the honoursprogram successfully if she/he has finished the master study within one year and, in addition, successfully finished all courses of the honors program. The successful passing of the honoursprogram will be noted on the master diploma.

The LNMB courses available are:

Fall semester:

  • Introduction to stochastic processes;
  • Continuous Optmization
  • Discrete Optimization;
  • Heuristic Methods in Operations Research; 

Spring  semester:

  • Advanced Linear Programming
  • Scheduling
  • Queueing Theory

The OR research seminar will run during the entire period september to april. Form and contents of the OR research seminar will depend on the students interests and ambitions.

It is the intention that the students will write a PhD grant proposal allowing them, if successful, to continue their studies as a PhD.

Students holding a bachelor degree from the VU can apply for admission to the honors program if their average grade for their bachelor degree is at least 7.5. Students that have not received their bachelor degree from the VU should demonstrate that their bachelor degree is of an equivalent level.

The admission will be based on an interview where drive and motivation for research will be assessed.

Applications and inquires should be send to Dr. B. Heidergott (email: