Lysova, EvgeniaEvgenia Lysova
MSc Business Administration (Human Resource Management) + MSc Honours Programme in Business Research graduate
Currently a PhD researcher at ABRI

I see the MSc Honours Programme not only as a unique opportunity to develop yourself and gain valuable experience, but also as a way to become closer to the scientific world. For me it was also an important determinant of my desire to pursue an academic career. This programme advanced my research skills and capabilities, and provided me with a chance to expand my horizon and knowledge within different research areas. I enjoyed having inspiring discussions with top researchers from the faculty and talented honours students. These discussions provided me with challenges, triggering my mind, and a lot of excitement while working together. With the advanced knowledge I have obtained and great supervision I could write an excellent and valuable master thesis. This also facilitated my successful application for a Junior Researcher position at the ABRI. Save your time, take this opportunity, because it worth it!   
 Jansen, HarmenHarmen Jansen
MSc Business Administration (Strategy & Organisation) + MSc Honours Programme in Business Research graduate

The MSc Honours Programme is a unique opportunity for students who want to demonstrate their academic talents, to advance their research capabilities, and to distinguish themself from other students. For me personally, the Honours Programme helped me significantly with obtaining my current position as Junior Researcher at VU University. Besides, fellow Honours students experienced great advantages in finding jobs in the business world. During the classes, I worked intensively together with similar students from different disciplines. Top researchers supervised us with improving our writing-, reading-, and presenting skills. With help of these classes, I was able to move my master thesis to a substantial higher level and to graduate cum laude. Therefore, if you are a talented master student and you want to get most from your master program, you may not miss it!
Hristev, Ventsislav Ventsislav Hristev
MSc Business Administration (Financial Management) + MSc Honours Programme in Business Research graduate

It has been a great experience to be part of the Honours Programme. During the Research Colloquia, I had the opportunity to observe different ways of thinking about the business and express my views on topics in different disciplines. Moreover, it was challenging to discover what the others have to say about your area of interests. As a result, the knowledge and understanding of my specialization were truly enriched. In addition, the course of SQRM and the Thesis Master Class prepared me to write a very good Master thesis and gave me the foundations to continue with a PhD programme one day. Even though the full diversified environment, the people were fantastic and the cooperation was outstanding. Being part of such a project was exciting, valuable, and not to forget…fun.
Mendoza, Juan Pablo Juan Pablo Mendoza
Second year PhD candidate

Pursuing a PhD is a thrilling experience: it’s all about interesting questions  and answers. Now add to it a Faculty of striving scholars, courses based on cutting-edge research, and an active exchange of ideas in different settings around the world. Sounds good? Well, now add Amsterdam to the equation. 
Houtman, Leoni Leonie Houtman
First year PhD candidate

During my master thesis research I laid the foundation for my PhD research project. I am very interested in understanding how knowledge sharing processes work in organisational settings, specifically in social networks, and how individuals use each other as knowledge directories. Now I can specialise in these topics for the coming years and that is a wonderful opportunity.