Dung Nguyen

Nguyen, DungDoctoral candidate: Dung H. Nguyen    
Researchtrack: Logistics & Operations Research 
Start date: October 2013  
Supervisors: Prof. dr. Wout Dullaert & Prof. dr. ir. Sander de Leeuw

Logistics aspects and customer behavior in online retailing

The Internet and the development of mobile devices have not only attracted a considerable number of customer who search for and buy products online, but also created opportunities for retailers to increase online sales. Customer behaviour in online environments has received much attention in the fields of marketing, information systems, psychology, and management. Logistics has been recognized as a vital driver of the growth of the e-commerce sector. Thus, an understanding online customer behavior in relation to logistics is essential if retailers are to improve their operational performance and online sales. However, the research on relationships between logistics aspects and online customer behaviour is fragmented. The objective of my research is to get an insight into all logistics aspects in relation to customer behaviour (purchase, repurchase, and product return) in online retailing. This research is expected to determine how customer service instruments impact online customer behaviour that consequently influences retailers' logistics performance.

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