Rowena Blokker

Blokker, RowenaDoctoral Candidate: Rowena Blokker
Research Track: Organisational Behaviour
Start date: February 2016
Supervisor: Paul Jansen,  Svetlana Khapova and Jos Akkermans      

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Rowena is working on a 4-year PhD project examining critical success factors during the school-to-work transition (or, more specifically: VU-to-work transition).

The goal of this PhD project is to examine the key antecedents and consequences of the school-to-work transition in the contemporary career. Among other things, we are following Master's students over time, tracking their progress and analyzing their transition into the labor market. The project aims to contribute to the development of theory and curriculum on the transition from university to work in today’s dynamic labor market.

This project also has a clear practical element, to which both the School of Business and Economics (SBE) and the Postgraduate Accounting program (PGO) of VU Amsterdam are closely connected. In cooperation with them, and based on the empirical results from the project, Rowena will support the development of new educational programs in the SBE master programs and the Postgraduate program Accounting. The aim of these educational programs is to integrate the empirical findings in such a way that the students will profit from a better preparation to their labor market transition, and thus a better connection between their studies and their future work.


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