Inge Brokerhof

Brokerhof, IngeDoctoral candidate: Inge Brokerhof
Research track: Organisational Behaviour
Start date: September 2015  
Supervisors: Dr. P. Matthijs Bal, Prof. dr. Paul G.W. Jansen, Dr. Omar Solinger

Narrative fiction in the workplace
How do fictional narratives about work influence the way in which we imagine ourselves in our (future) career? Can narratives we encounter in books, short stories and films influence our career awareness, work skills such as empathy and creativity, and our believes about jobs or companies?

Inge Brokerhof investigates whether stories can help people think about what they want to achieve in their career. Fictional stories could inspire career decisions and offer a safe arena for people to experiment with different possible work selves. Would you want to work in a fictional company like ‘The Circle’ described in the book of Dave Eggers, and do you despise or secretly admire the ‘Wolf of Wall street’?

Furthermore, complex stories, such as literature, stimulate complex and critical thinking. How can literature be used in a business context to discuss the complexities of modern organisations? Can stories be used to enhance awareness of moral complexity in leaders?

Short biography
Inge Brokerhof obtained her master’s degree in Social and Developmental Psychology at the Universtiy of Cambridge, United Kingdom. Prior to this she studied at University College with a major in Psychology and Sociology and a minor in Rhetoric and Argumentation. Throughout the years, she has worked for different publishing houses, writing a weekly column, articles, musical songs, short stories, and developing educational material for secondary schools.

Her PhD research is part of a multidisciplinary research group investigating uses of literature in different contexts, led by Frank Hakenmulder (Utrecht University) which includes researchers of different universities and backgrounds. (Short biography on that website:

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