Iina Ikonen

Ikonen, IinaDoctoral candidate: Iina Ikonen
Research  track: Marketing
Start date: September 2016
Supervisors: Prof. dr. P.W.J. Verlegh & Dr. A. Aydinli

Using product packaging to stimulate healthy choices

As consumers all around the world are increasingly suffering from obesity, research has started emerging to find out how the food industry could use health claims in product packaging to drive healthier purchase decisions. These studies, however, have not looked at how different contexts influence the effectiveness of these health claims. Furthermore, the studies have not specifically taken into account the groups most prone to unhealthy consumption, i.e. less health-conscious consumers. Iina’s research aims to find out the circumstances in which health claims are most effective, and can best be used to drive healthy consumption within different consumer groups – specifically the ones more at risk of issues related to unhealthy consumption.

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