Mariëtte Kaandorp

Kaandorp, Mariëtte 2Doctoral candidate: Mariëtte Kaandorp
Research Track: Strategy & Organisation
Supervisors: Prof. dr. Tom Elfring, prof. dr. Dirk van Dierendonck

Understanding human agency in social relations at work: an investigation into the role of time, motivation and cognition

My PhD thesis concerns an investigation into the psychology of networking behaviors of entrepreneurs, self-employed service professionals as well as exploring how and in which contexts intuition is consumed and talked about by experienced management practitioners. This leads to a deeper investigation into the meaning, motivations and intra-subjective components that play a role when we engage with others at work or beyond.

Research interests:

  • employee well-being
  • social network development
  • intuition in decision-making and creativity
  • research design & theory building
  • psychology of entrepreneurship

Brief résumé
Mariëtte Kaandorp is a PhD Candidate within the Amsterdam Business Research Institute (ABRI). Her research is in the area of Organizational Behavior and Strategic Entrepreneurship. She holds MSc in Development Economics and a BSc degree in Econometrics & Operations Research, both received from VU University Amsterdam. In addition to her degrees, Mariëtte participated in international programs both in the United States – University of Notre Dame, and in Wuhan, China – Wuhan University and has been teaching assistant to Prof. dr. Gunning and Prof. dr. Van Montfort.

Engel, Y., Kaandorp, M. & Elfring, T. (2017). Toward a dynamic process model of entrepreneurial networking under uncertainty. Journal of Business Venturing, 32, 35-51.