Marije Noordhoek

Noordhoek, MarijeDoctoral candidate: Marije Noordhoek
Track: Logistics & Operations Research
Started: September 2015
Supervisors: Prof. dr. Daniele Vigo and Prof. dr. ir. Sander de Leeuw 





Collaboration in sustainable logistics in food and flower chains

Building upon findings of case studies in which we pilot (i.e. implement and evaluate) one (or if possible more) specific collaboration models with our business partners, we aim to determine and quantify the added value of chain collaboration (i.e. better logistics performances; inventory reduction, less handling, higher shelf life, less food waste, etc.) and build a toolbox that helps to create awareness with potential partners to the advantages of collaborating in a sustainable logistics network. We will develop quantitative benchmarking and decision support models that can illustrate the tradeoffs between performance indicators (on actor and network level) for alternative collaboration scenarios.

Brief résumé

Marije first did a bachelor in (ethno)musicology at the University of Amsterdam. After her graduation she wanted to do something in business studies and chose for logistics. To be accepted for the master’s program Transport & Supply Chain Management at the Free University, she first did an year of extra courses and graduated last August. In June 2015 Marije received a scholarship of Slimstock for ambitious students with affinity for stock optimization. Marije started her PhD in September 2015.

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