Folker Pieterse

Pieterse, FolkerDoctoral candidate: Folker Pieterse
Research track: Strategy & Organisation
Start date: January 2016
Prof. Dr. W. Stam and Prof. Dr. S.N. Khapova

The management of venture risk with the use of social and human capital

My research interest is to look at and better understand how the social and human capital of the entrepreneur of a venture company in a venture company fund influence entrepreneurial risk and change its outcomes. Human capital is essential to social capital. Yet we know relatively little about the process and mechanics through which human capital creates value in an entrepreneurial environment. Neither do we know exactly how social capital influences entrepreneurial risk over time or changes through the life phases of an entrepreneurial entity. To clarify the relation between human and social capital my research looks at the importance of the interaction between human capital and social capital in an entrepreneurial environment and the influence of social capital on entrepreneurial risk. This research plan builds from an introduction about and definition of social capital and its relation with human capital, cognition, risk and venture capital funds (VCFs), to key findings of the literature review, leading to an overview of and contribution to the scholarly debate. What is new is that this is done from the perspective of an entrepreneurial entity being part of a venture fund and adding the element of risk management (RM) to social capital.

Social capital has developed into an important and stand-alone area of academic research in the field of management studies and entrepreneurship as it enables value improvement and better entrepreneurial outcomes. My research tries to add to the scholarly debate and development of the field over time and to fill some identified research gaps and areas for possible further research that could contribute to the scholarly debate and add the new element of risk management to social capital in a VCF.

Key words of my research: Social capital, human capital, cognitive capital, entrepreneurship, risk, trust, longitudinal, networks, performance, learning, resources, opportunity, context, venture fund

Personal background
Folker Pieterse is a second year Philosophy of Doctor (Ph.D.) student of the Executive Part-Time Programme of the Amsterdam Business Research Institute (ABRI) of the Vrije Universiteit (VU) in Amsterdam. His field of studies is Business Administration with focus on entrepreneurship and within this the link between human and social capital, cognition and risk management.

He is also a partner in the secondary private equity and venture capital firm Ceres Finance Ltd. in London. Previously he was CFO and Executive Board Member of Blue C New Economy which he succesfully floated at the Neuer Market stock exchange in Frankfurt. Before that he was Vice President at Deutsche Bank in London where he was a proprietary trader and structurer in the principal investments team in the fixed income division and in Frankfurt for Deutsche Bank Investor managing the private equity and other balance sheet assets including the industrial holdings portfolio, which included actively selling and buying private companies. He also worked at Hawkpoint (previsouly NatWest Markets as a Manager in the Corporate Finance division where he executed a.o. the privatization of Alpinvest as advisor for the Dutch Ministry of Economics. He started his career in the Mergers & Acquisitions Division of Morgan Stanley in London after an initial period in New York.

Folker Pieterse got his Masters of Science (M.Sc.) degree from Erasmus University in Rotterdam in financial economics (1989-1993) where he focused on quantitative economics, monetary economics, international economics and (business) finance. He also studied at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE) in London and did a summer course at Hofstra University in New York.