Robbert Janssen

Janssen, Robbert Doctoral candidate: Robbert Janssen
 Research track: Distribution and Supply Chain Logistics  
 Start date: January 2011   
 Supervisors: Prof. dr. Lorike Hagdorn & Prof. dr. Ard-Pieter de Man 

Designing the Cross Chain Collaboration Center 4C – Collaborative Business Models, Value Appropriation and Brokered Governance

In 2009, the Van Laarhoven committee proposed a vision and research agenda for the development of logistics and supply chain management activities in the Netherlands. One of the central themes in their ambition is the establishment of Cross Chain Control Centers (4C). A generalized definition for 4C is as follows: a center from which several supply/demand networks are controlled by means of modern technology, advanced software, and top professionals; physical, financial and information flows are controlled here. However, the business model logic behind these systems is yet unclear.


A business model should outline how a business enterprise delivers and appropriates value, considering the revenues, costs and profits. Most business model literature focuses on only one focal company and does usually not describe the business models of collaboration or alliances, let alone of a 4C. Developing business models across organizational boundaries involves a number of additional challenges over developing them inside one firm. This research extends the business model literature with an interorganizational focus and it extends the literature on alliances and collaboration with a business model focus.

In this research specific attention will be directed at value appropriation mechanisms: principles for sharing the gains of a 4C network taking into account risk sharing, investment sharing and profit sharing as well. At the same time, the potential of a neutral trusted third party to coordinate the multi-party alliance is significant. This research therefore also envisages to answer questions pertaining to how brokered governance should be implemented in such a multi-partner environment, under what conditions and prerequisites.


This PhD research is funded through Dinalog’s 4C4More project.

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