RESEARCH TRACK: Logistics & Operations Research  
 START DATEOctober 2012   
 SUPERVISORS: Prof. dr. Wout Dullaert & Dr. Sander de Leeuw
 CONTACT @:t.y.saputra@vu.nl  



Inventory policies in humanitarian aid operations
Humanitarian aid can be defined as actions implemented to save lives, mitigate suffering, and maintain and protect human dignity during and after emergencies. Humanitarian relief organizations are involved in both disaster relief and development programs. Inventory can be an effective mechanism for improving response and capacity to both program related efforts and disaster relief. However, how to manage inventory in such situations is still largely unknown. In particular, there is little research considering the following aspects typical to humanitarian aid: dual use of inventory (for both development program efforts and for disaster relief), shared and coordinated supply chains including trade-offs in transport modalities, funding constraints, shelf life of relief items, or a possibility of several disasters occurring in a short time span. The objective of this research project is to extend existing inventory policies and to develop support models that take into account the aforementioned aspects to better support humanitarian aid operations.