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We are extremely pleased to welcome you to our newly accredited Research Master Business in Society. It is a joint master of two Amsterdam based universities: VU University Amsterdam (VU) and University of Amsterdam (UvA). This means you will get the best of the two in a high profile MSc programme that aims to educate a select group of maximum 25 ambitious and highly motivated students to become tomorrow’s leaders in business research. The two-year programme ha started per September 2015, and courses are taught at both locations: in the city center of Amsterdam and at the heart of the business quarter Zuidas Amsterdam.

Since this is a joint master programme, we have divided tasks among the two universities: UvA is in charge of the website and communications and admissions, and VU is in charge of the administration and back office and overall coordinator of the programme, by means of the Director of Doctoral Education of ABRI’s Graduate School.

The joint research master is an important part of ABRI’s overall PhD programme. By offering 3-year PhD positions, we expect students to have finalized their research master first. The programme Business in Society is an excellent choice to add value to a research career and seamlessly links to the 3-year PhD positions offered at ABRI, to which one needs to apply .

If you want to know more about the programme, we refer you to our official website:

The programme in brief

The two-year Research Master's programme Business in Society will equip you with the knowledge and skills to shape new ways of doing business taking into account how organisations and society affect each other. The programme offers insights from several specialisations in the broad field of business administration (such as: strategy, organizational theory, accounting, technology and innovation, entrepreneurship, international business, human resource management, organizational behaviour, and marketing), as well as an overarching perspective connecting these fields, which is necessary to understand the multi-faceted business in society issues. It also provides you with the methodological and theory-building skills needed to conceive of new solutions for the problems related to business in society.

Furthermore, with a maximum intake of 25 talented and highly motivated students, this English taught programme offers intensive interactions with other students and close supervision and collaboration with excellent researchers passionate about understanding complex business problems in their societal perspective. You will learn from, and work closely with, some of the world's leading scholars in the field of business administration.

If you want to see the powerpoint presentation we gave at the information session during the VU Masteravond on 9 December 2014, please click here.

Career Prospects

This Research Master Business in Society is the ideal preparation for a leading PhD programme in business administration or a related discipline at the VU University Amsterdam, the University of Amsterdam, or another university. Both universities have committed to each offer six PhD positions each year for which our graduates will be prime candidates in an open competition. It also gives you excellent credentials to apply for a research-related position in the public or private sector such as strategic advisor, researcher or policy maker. In short: our alumni possess all the needed skills to be a leader in tomorrow's business research.

As a graduate of the programme, you will be able to:

  • understand complex business problems including their societal dimensions;
  • adopt an original and interdisciplinary perspective in proposing solutions to these complex problems;
  • design and perform high-quality research to provide evidence of the implications of business decisions for both businesses and society;
  • communicate research results to both the scientific and the practitioner community to influence the way organisations do business.    

If you are a bright (bachelor) student and interested in the programme, you are welcome to attend one of our information sessions at VU or UvA.

If you want to apply, or if you have any questions about the programme, you can email us.