About Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is known to those from abroad as the city without limits. Stereotypically clogs, cheese, prostitutes, canals and drugs blend into an interesting and unforgettable city experience. Amsterdam however, is much more. To locals Amsterdam is known as ‘Damsco’: dynamic, lively and open, culturally rich and fun. With a population of about 760.000 people on 219 km2, Amsterdam seems to be more a large village or community than a vast city. ‘Amsterdammers’ work, eat and sleep in this relatively small and dense community which has allowed them to become creative, interactive, open-minded and sociable.

Amsterdam is the city of many faces. Cultures and sub-cultures have mixed into its own styles, making it in many ways indeed the city without limits but in a very different sense. Terraces and bars, dance-festivals, concerts, picnics and parks, boat tours, tireless nightlife, ample museums and galleries give Amsterdam the energy that it is known for. Amsterdam ranks among the best for quality of life and ‘Amsterdammers’ are known for their appreciation of leisure time, which comes of course after a hard day’s work. The importance of leisure is taken up in the culture and social interaction, while personal freedom also gives you the time and space to interact physically, mentally and emotionally with the city.

Amsterdam has the largest concentration of students and youth in the Netherlands. In Amsterdam’s universities many different study streams blend to create an intellectual meeting place for different forms of literature, academics and art. For example, Felix Meritis - European centre for art, culture and sciences, is situated in Amsterdam as is the KNAW, Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschap (Royal Dutch Academy of Science) both allowing intellectuals to meet and exchange thoughts and ideas to expand one’s horizons.

Amsterdam is not only a diverse and intellectual city, it is also remains the financial and economic centre of the Netherlands after a long history with trade and business. Established in the 12th century, Amsterdam grew to be the wealthiest city in the world within 500 years ,andentered what’s known as its ‘Golden Age’. Since then Amsterdam has seen its ups and downs, but has remained a leading financial centre of Europe. The Zuidas Business District, the key business district in the Netherlands, is situated in Amsterdam and next to VU University. Many Dutch multinationals have their headquarters at Amsterdam Zuidas, and the vibrancy of the area is the ideal atmosphere to generate excellent work and to innovate. On this innovative and densely business-populated ground careers of management and business can be explored and developed, and so Amsterdam Zuidas mixes thoroughly with your academic development to give you the best prospects.

Whether it be Amsterdam as a sociable community where cultures mix, or as an intellectual meeting place where one can learn, or as a highly energized business atmosphere where one can innovate and develop their career, in the end, Amsterdam is the true cosmopolitan village.

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