PenRegistration and Fees
Step 1: Register for Strategic Entrepreneurship on the ABRI website, click here (note: check the correct box under advanced specialisation courses). Registration is open until May 22, 2011.

Step 2: Send your summary of maximum two pages including biographical sketch and a summary of research work in progress (e.g. papers and research proposals) that will be discussed and developed during the seminar to Johannes Drees,

Acceptance will be decided by a scientific committee composed of faculty members within a week of application. This is done so that international students are flexible to plan their travel. The ultimate deadline is 22 May, however participants are able to send documents before this date. The course will accept 25 participants.

The full course fee is €450. This fee does not cover accomodation and catering (i.e. lunch and dinner). Additional activities planned in the programme will be covered. 

Participants who may need accommodation in Amsterdam can check here.