Festila, Maria
Maria Festila, PhD Candidate, Aarhus University (Denmark)
Participant KIN Summer School 2019

"I want to take the chance to thank you again for the opportunity of participating at the course. It was most enlightening, but also very informal and endearing. I am recommending KIN Summer School wherever the opportunity arises."
Huisman, Chelsey Jo
Chelsey Jo Huisman, PhD candidate at Uppsala University (Sweden)
Participant KIN Summer School 2018

“I walked away from our four days together at KIN summer school with so much appreciation, as well as so much to contemplate. KIN summer school gave me the opportunity to meet with aspiring, reflective scholars at different stages in their careers and reflect over my own research in different ways. The seminars provoked discussions that critically examined the work we do. Moreover, the seminar discussions emphasized an empirical focus as a means to establish a common ground for our varying perspectives and research trajectories.
Thank you to Marleen Huysman and her support team for thoughtfully organizing the content of this course and bringing us together.”

Sayegh, Karla
Karla Sayegh, PhD candidate at McGill University (Canada)
Participant KIN Summer School 2018

"The KIN summer school is must for any early career researcher working on issues of knowledge collaboration, innovation and digital transformation. Not only did I receive detailed, customized feedback on my thesis work from leading scholars and peers in the conversation, but I interacted with them socially, picking their brains about the challenges and struggles behind the 'doing' of longitudinal field work. An added bonus was getting to know the people behind the excellent scholarship in an intimate and friendly environment. I would attend the summer school every year if I could."

Cepa, Katharina
Katharina Cepa, PhD candidate at Aalto University (Finland)
Participant KIN Summer School 2018

“The KIN Summer School is an excellent opportunity to meet a great community of people studying technology from a variety of perspectives. It is the ideal forum for giving and receiving in-depth feedback on works-in-progress and participating in engaged discussions on academic developments at the intersection of information systems, process, innovation, and organization studies. In addition to the very practical help in developing my manuscript, I also learned from our discussions during and after the sessions, and left with much inspiration for future projects.”

Hafermalz, Ella
Dr Ella Hafermalz, Assistant Professor KIN Center for Digital Innovation
Participant KIN Summer School 2018

"I have attended the KIN Summer School both as a Postdoc and as an Assistant Professor. It has been a wonderful opportunity to share my research-in-progress and receive developmental feedback from senior scholars. Discussing important published papers in the field, often with the authors themselves, gives an amazing insight to the research process. The conversations with fellow early career researchers and PhDs are also rich and thought provoking. Everyone shares experiences and advice and I found it helpful to learn that many encounter similar hurdles, especially when it comes to conducting fieldwork, responding to reviews, and figuring out how your research can have an impact in practice as well as in academia. The tone is collegial and conversational and you go away intellectually refreshed, with a sense of being part of a peer group that will stay connected well into the future."