Themes 2018

Marleen Huysman

Introduction, Knowledge in digital age

  • Barret, M. and Oborn, E. (2018). “Bridging the research-practice divide: Harnessing expertise collaboration in making a wider set of contributions.” Information and Organization 28: 44-51
  • Paper 2 and 3: R&R papers, in progress, final versions will be send via email in June 2018
Samer Faraj

Complex collaboration practices: online and offline

  • Faraj, S. and Xiao, Y. (2006). “Coordination in Fast-Response Organizations.” Management Science, 52(8): 1155-1169.
  • Schakel, J-K, von Fenema, P., and Faraj, S. (2016) “’Shots Fired!’ Switching Practices in Police Work” Organization Science, 27 (2): 391-410
  • Faraj, S., von Krogh, G., Monteiro, E. & Lakhani, K. (2016) “Online Community as Space for Knowledge Flows” Information Systems Research, 27(4): 668-684.
  • Faraj, S., Pachidi, S. and Sayegh, K. (2018) “Working and Organizing in the Age of the Algorithm” Information and Organization. 28: 62-70.
Diane Bailey

Technology & occupational changes

  • Leonardi, P.M. and Bailey, D.E. 2017. Recognizing and selling good ideas: Network articulation and the making of an offshore innovation hub. Academy of Management Discoveries, 3(2): 116-144.
  • Bailey, D.E., Leonardi, P.M. and Barley, S.R. 2012. The lure of the virtual. Organization Science, 23(5): 1485-1504.
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Ola Henfridsson

Studying Digital Transformations

  • Henfridsson, O., and Yoo, Y. 2014. "The Liminality of Trajectory Shifts in Institutional Entrepreneurship," Organization Science (25:3), pp 932-950.
  • Huang, J., Henfridsson, O., Liu, M.J., and Newell, S. 2017. "Growing on Steroids: Rapidly Scaling the User Base of Digital Ventures through Digital Innovation " MIS Quarterly (41:1), pp 301-314.
  • Yoo, Y., Henfridsson, O., and Lyytinen, K. 2010. "The New Organizing Logic of Digital Innovation: An Agenda for Information Systems Research," Information Systems Research (21:4), pp 724-735.
Ann Langley

Process Research

  • Langley, A. 1999. Strategies for theorizing from process data. Academy of Management Review, 24(4): 691-710.
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