Preliminary Overview Of The Program

Day 1
Day 2
Meaningful Work:
New Insights and Future Directions
Meaningful Work in Organizations:
Academia Meets Practice
(expert panel discussion, individual presentations, group discussion)
(individual presentations, group discussions, workshops)

Who Should Attend?
Everybody who is interested in and would like to engage in productive discussions on the topics, such as:

  • Academics in the fields of Meaningful work, CSR, healthy work places
  • Professionals (HR directors, HR managers, HR business partners, HR consultants), governmental institutions, employer organizations and trade unions

Organizing Committee

Dr. Evgenia LysovaJitske Both-Nwabuwe, MSc.Dr. Ruth Yeoman
Assistant Professor of Careers and Organizational Behavior
Department of Management & Organisation

Director of the VU Center for Meaningful Work
PhD Candidate Department of Organisation SciencesResearch Fellow Said Business School
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