PhD Defence Hella Abidi

Abidi, Hella
Logistics and Operations Research

Dissertation title
Performance Management in Supply Chains: Applications to humanitarian and commercial supply chains

Date and location
May 22, 2019 at 15:45 in the Aula of the Main Building of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Performance Management in Supply Chains: Applications to humanitarian and commercial supply chains
Abidi, HellaIt is commonly accepted that performance management is a crucial instrument for the effective and efficient management of supply chains. Organizations use it to keep their supply chain under control and to manage processes that often extend beyond their boundaries in order to fulfill their goals. Since the organizational performance within a supply chain depends on supply chain partners, there is a need of extending the management´s view and performance control along the supply chain. Performance management within a supply chain supports the participating actors (e.g. customer service, warehousing, supplier relationship management, inventory management, logistics and transportation) to improve their performance using resources and capabilities effectively. In this dissertation we examine supply chain performance practices in humanitarian organizations and how supply chain performance management could be improved by advancing insights for the commercial sector.
The topic performance management in supply chains - applications to humanitarian and commercial sector- is addressed in seven chapters. Starting from a systematic literature review on the state of the art of performance measurement and management in humanitarian supply chains we have first defined the research gaps in this field of science. Then, we examined the extent to which as well as how supply chain performance management design and implementation practices that have proven successful in commercial organizations are applicable to humanitarian organizations to guide the process of designing and implementing performance management in humanitarian organizations. Additionally, we have studied the value and the benefits of fourth-party logistics services in the humanitarian supply chain environment for which we have developed a conceptual framework. Building further on the literature on vertical cooperation in supply chains, we have identified and tested partner selection criteria that might be critical in forming a horizontal cooperative network of Logistic Service Suppliers. Next, we have established criteria for evaluating strategic partners in a network of logistics service providers and showed how Analytical Network Process (ANP) could be used to identify the weighing factors associated with these criteria. Finally, we have investigated whether the ANP model could be used as a starting point to evaluate strategic partners for other Logistics Service Provider networks.

Short Biography

Hella Abidi completed her training as a forwarding clerk (Speditionskauffrau IHK) at Dachser SE in Cologne. During a stay at Dachser SE in Switzerland, she studied a part-time advanced vocational training as “Verkehrsfachwirtin (IHK)” at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Hella Abidi adopted various activities in the department of international transport planning, sales and customer service at Dachser SE in Mannheim and Cologne.
In 2007, she started at the FOM University of Applied Sciences a part-time study program in business science, with the main subjects logistics and supply management. 2010, Hella Abidi finished her Master degree with success. For her thesis she was awarded with the BVL Thesis Award 2010.
2011-2015, she worked as a research associate in the BMBF project WiWeLo in line with the excellence cluster LogistikRuhr at the Institute of Logistics & Management Services (ild) of FOM University of Applied Sciences in Essen and as lecturer for logistics at the FOM University of Applied Sciences in Germany.
September 2013, she started her PhD at the VU University Amsterdam. 2015-2016 Hella Abidi worked as a lecturer at Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham (UK).
Spring 2016, Hella Abidi restarted as a consultant research & development at Dachser SE in Kempten and as a senior lecturer at FOM University of Applied Sciences in Essen.