Anne Kranzbühler


Dissertation title
Orchestrating the customer journey

Date and location
July 5, 2018, at 13:45 in the Aula of of the Main Building of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Orchestrating the customer journey
Kranzbühler, AnneThe aim of the present dissertation was to study what influences customers’ experiences throughout their journeys with a firm. Both research and practice emphasize the need to better understand the concept of customer experience. As a first step, essay 1 provides an integrative literature review of three decades of customer experience research. The findings of this review subsequently serve as a foundation for the following three chapters that zoom in on specific factors that influence consumers’ experiences in specific phases of the customer journey. Essay 2 investigates how consumers make use of simultaneously provided quality ratings from expert and peer sources, while essay 3 analyzes the consumer-level consequences of outsourcing decisions. Finally, essay 4 meta-analyzes the effects of discrete emotions on firm-relevant outcomes.
Most importantly, the findings of this dissertation suggest that firms must incorporate the consumers’ perspective when designing and managing their customer experiences. Firms must understand which touchpoints form journeys from their customers’ point of view. Some touchpoints and influencing factors might not be obvious to the focal firm and beyond their direct control (e.g., the impact of other customers or other firms). Nonetheless, firms should take a more active role in trying to manage those influences or at the very least be aware of them when designing their “own” touchpoints.

About the author

Anne Kranzbühler is Assistant Professor of Marketing Communication at the University of Amsterdam. Anne did her PhD at the Center for Marketing Leadership, a collaboration between the VU’s Marketing department and VODW.