PhD Defence Judith Plomp

Plomp, Judith
Organisational Behaviour

Dissertation title
Job crafting across employment arrangements. Proactivity on the interface of work and careers.

Date and location
October 27, 2020 at 11:45 in an online session
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Job crafting across employment arrangements. Proactivity on the interface of work and careers.
Plomp, JudithOne of the most noticeable features of the changing nature of work has been the flexibilization of employment relationships. The use of more and various flexible forms of employment, such as temporary contracts, agency work, and self-employment, has become increasingly more common around the world. A pressing issue due to this emergence of temporary work is that responsibility for safeguarding a healthy and motivating work environment that contributes to better performance and employability is shifting from organizations to the individual worker. This dissertation aims to address how individuals can take charge of their work and career and how they can persevere in the current competitive and challenging work and employment environment. The goal of this dissertation is to uncover how both permanent and temporary workers can use job crafting as a proactive strategy to shape their work such that they can influence their own well-being, continuous performance, and career development. The studies in this dissertation contribute to more integration of the domains of job (re)design and career theory, and support the assumption that proactivity at work is closely related to professional growth and career development. In addition, this dissertation extends current knowledge on the role of job crafting and proactive work behavior in the context of contemporary employment arrangements.

Short biography
Judith Plomp is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Utrecht University. She holds an MSc degree in Organizational Psychology from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. In 2015, she started the PhD trajectory of the School of Business and Economics at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Her main research interests are proactive work behaviors in the context of contemporary work arrangements, employee well-being, and employability.