Tuğba Polat

Human Resource Management

Dissertation Title
Active aging in work: motivating employees to continue working after retirement

Date & Location
23 January 2015 @ 11:45 in the Aula of the Main Building of the VU University Amsterdam

Active aging in work: motivating employees to continue working after retirement

Polat, TugbaDue to aging, the proportion of older individuals that are currently in the workforce is increasing, while there is a declining number of younger workers entering the workforce. This trend will eventually result in shortages in the labor force. This thesis investigates how older employees can be kept active and engaged in the workforce to be motivated to continue working beyond retirement age. In doing so, research was conducted among nine healthcare organizations, investigating the role of development HR practices, exploring how older workers want to continue working and investigating age differences in coping with high workload. The studies demonstrated that organizations’ HR inducements play an important role in this respect. Development HR practices contribute to older employees’ motivation to continue working through an organizational climate that affects employee attitudes and, ultimately, the motivation to continue working. However, due to age-related individual differences, the effects of HR inducements are heterogeneous. Thus, it is important to take these differences into account when deploying HR systems to induce a positive organizational climate, a positive evaluation of the psychological contract and positive work attitudes. Individual differences also emerge in preferences regarding older workers’ after retirement work profiles. These individual preferences regarding older retirement work profiles are associated also with organizational factors that can be influenced by HR inducements.

About the Author
Tuğba Polat holds a Bachelor degree in Public Administration and a Masters degree in Business Administration, both completed at the VU University Amsterdam. During her studies she did an exchange program at the University of Ottawa in Canada, and she also studied at Paul Cézanne University in France. After completing her degrees, she started her PhD-project at the VU University Amsterdam. The project was co-funded by Stichting Senior Werkt, as part of this project she did research in nine health care organizations for which she wrote advisory reports regarding sustainable employability. In 2012, she spent three months as a visiting scholar at the University of Florida, USA. Tuğba Polat currently works as a policy advisor at the Ministry of Finance in the Netherlands and is also affiliated as a researcher to the VU University.