Dijk, Mathilde van

Dissertation title
When I give, I give myself: Essays on individual contributions to societal goals

Date and location
January 17, 2018 at 11:45 in the Aula of the Main Building of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

When I give, I give myself: essays on individual contributions to societal goals.

Dijk, Mathilde vanThe academic research field of Marketing considers contributing to solutions to societal issues as an instrumental part of the research field. The increase in research interest can be ascribed to the academic obligation to study the major societal problems of poverty and environmental degradation. A focal area has been the study of individual contributions to societal goals. There are many different ways an individual can make a contribution to a societal goal. To address these issues, this thesis explores the relation between individual behaviour and societal goals in three distinct essays. The findings show distinctly different ways individuals can consider their contribution to societal goals. These differences can be found when reviewing academic interest in the topic as well as in the choices of individuals. Special attention is paid to the relation between donors and non-profit organizations. Together these essays shed light on different aspects of the abstract and complex nature of individual contributions to societal goals. 

About the author

Mathilde van Dijk (1988) has conducted her PhD studies at VU University. She holds a Master's degree in Consumer Studies from Wageningen University (WUR) and a Bachelor's degree in International Business Economics from Maastricht University (UM). Her main research interests include sustainable consumption, cross-cultural marketing, non-profit organizations and donation behaviour.