PhD Defence Chun Yang

Yang, Chun

Strategy & Entrepreneurship

Dissertation title
Firm survival and innovation in emerging markets: The case of China

Date and location
October 27, 2020 at 15:45 in an online session

Firm survival and innovation in emerging markets: The case of China
Yang, ChunEmerging markets play an increasingly important role in the world economy. How firms survive, grow, and compete in such emerging markets have widely attracted attention in practice as well as academia, but our knowledge on some vital issues remain limited. This dissertation explores when and how firms manipulate internal resources and manage external environments to improve their survival chance and innovation performance in one of the largest emerging markets i.e. China. Does and to what extent a combined use of internal resources shape high-tech start-ups’ survival in China? Under what institutional transition conditions do firms’ innovation benefit from the investment in building and maintaining political connections? When and through what mechanisms do the dynamic institutional environments motivate or suppress firms’ innovation propensity? With four quantitative studies that build on empirical data of Chinese high-tech start-ups and manufacturing firms, this dissertation contributes to these important yet largely untouched questions.

Short biography
Chun Yang obtained his MPhil. degree in Science & Technology Policy at Tsinghua University. In 2014, he joined the PhD program under the supervision of prof. dr. Bart Bossink and dr. Peter Peverelli at the Division of Science, Business and Innovation at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. His current research interests include innovation management, firms’ political connections, and institutional transition in emerging markets.