Our Unique Approach

The School of Management specializes in inquiry-based leadership development. At the heart of this learning philosophy is our vision that leaders’ ability to give strategic directions needs to be rooted in a deep understanding of the values, culture, processes and practices of their own organization. One way to attain such understanding is through continuous enquiry and research activities at all levels of an organization.

Therefore, we believe that research is not a prerogative of R&D departments. Inquiry is a new leadership competence that helps successful companies grow and serve their customers and their employees. The School of Management recognizes this responsibility that contemporary organizations face. Through its programmes, it develops leaders capable of engaging in action research and bringing innovation into their organization.

Our inquiry-based leadership development programmes draw on a range of approaches. For example, in the Servant Leadership Development Research programme, participants begin by investigating local community initiatives and their servant leadership practices. They then apply this learning in their in-company projects.

Leaders who aspire more from their education can join our Executive Doctoral education programme. This is a highly structured part-time PhD programme, which supports executives in staying on track with their research next to their demanding jobs. The programme caters for a broad range of topics. Every participant is supported by a team of supervisors, who are experts on the topic.

We believe that through our unique teaching approach we develop more responsible and knowledgeable business leaders. Next to learning and innovating for their own organization, our participants also share their knowledge and research results with a broader community. They write practitioner articles for various management journals and newspapers, including the journal “Amsterdam in Science, Business and Society”.