How to apply?

To apply for participation in the 2021 cohort of the Part-Time PhD Programme (start January 2021), please take the following steps:

Step 1: Request a personal link to securely (through encrypted file transfer) upload your application documents. You can do so by sending an email to the programme coordinator ( You will receive this link per email.   

Step 2: Submit the following documents before December 1, 2020:

  • A description of your research topic, including 1) problem statement (what is the issue?); 2) a research question; 3) the theoretical perspective, and 4) a potential research methodology and research design (maximum 2000 words)
  • A CV with complete contact details
  • Copies of academic degree + transcripts (certified): an MSc degree or equivalent is required*. 
  • A copy of a valid passport (or a valid Schengen zone visa) - Since this is a part-time module-based programme, we are not able to organise a Dutch residence permit for foreign participants.

More information
Mr. Niki Konijn MA
Programme Coordinator
T: + 31 20 59 85667

*Diploma’s from professional programmes, certificate programmes, non-academic masters, and postgraduate programmes are generally not accepted as an entry qualification. To assess the eligibility of your degree, please contact the programme coordinator (