PhD Network Amsterdam in Science, Business and Society


Amsterdam in Science, Business and Society is a PhD network of executives, business leaders and professionals, who seek to bring innovation into organizations. We believe that while business leaders can outsource routine tasks to specialized service providers, they cannot outsource thinking about the future of their organization and their business to others. For this reason, in 2014 Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam together with professionals and business leaders from the Amsterdam area have started up an executive science platform to work on pressing issues for business and society, by personally engaging in scientific research relevant for their own organizations.

Today the executive PhD network involves more than 45 members from organizations such as ESMT Berlin, Lidl Benelux, Philips, Deloitte, Siemens, and Nuon-Vattenfall, but also knowledge institutions, public agencies and a number of SME’s.  It spans the boundaries of the Amsterdam region, and includes participants who fly in to be part of the meetings from countries such as Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Spain, the UK, the USA. While pursuing their personal research interests in such topics as digital transformation, leadership development, effective executive boards, social entrepreneurship, integration of migrants and many other, leading to a PhD degree, they actually generate new evidence-based knowledge that will determine the future of business and society.  

Joining the Amsterdam in Science, Business and Society network

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