Programme Costs and Expenses

Programme costs

Year 1-2 (January - December): €7900 per programme year

Year 3 (January – December): €7900 or €2500 per programme year, depending on the individual trajectory of the participant.*

Year 4 (and all additional years thereafter) (January - December): €2500 per programme year

The total programme costs are between: €20800 and €26200 in case of a 4-year trajectory and include the costs of modules, individual supervision, access to ABRI research courses (optional) and summer schools, registration, food catering and access to VU University facilities and services. External participants (associated with other universities) can register for a single year of the programme. However, purchasing separate modules is not permitted. Please note that travelling costs and expenses associated with the attendance of international conferences are not included in the programme fee.

* The price for the 3rd year is €7900 in case the programme participant choses to take a qualitative year after the quantitative year (or vice versa) with learning modules, and €2500 per programme year in case the participant choses to work with his/her supervisor only.