Unique characteristics

Join Amsterdam Business Research Institute to attain your next level of development

The Part-time PhD programme is offered by Amsterdam Business Research Institute (ABRI). Established by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 2009, ABRI has become one of the largest research institutes in business and management studies in Europe. Next to facilitating top-class international research, ABRI offers a range of doctoral education programmes.

What makes ABRI’s Part-time PhD programme a great choice?

  • Teaching and supervision by internationally renowned professors
  • Research support from VU research centres specialising in different business topics (e.g., servant leadership and professional services)
  • A unique programme design, focused on a sequential development of academic research papers
  • Intellectually stimulating research community
  • Excellent location and facilities
  • A module-based programme enabling participation of highly-mobile and international participants

Unique characteristics of the programme

  • Each programme year follows a cycle of research paper development
  • The learning process is deliberately divided into the six sequential modules
  • Attainable milestones are set to allow working professionals to stay on track
  • The focus on developing academic writing skills enables participants to publish their research work in international peer-reviewed journals