Servus logoThe programme curriculum consist of four 1-1.5-day modules spread between a timespan of 9 months, usually between October and June. The modules include a variety of learning methods, among which are fieldwork, intervision periods, lecturers, and an in-company research project. Currently an additional 5th Module is being designed. This 5th Module will be an option for participants who wish to get support by implementation of servant-leadership in their organisation. The programme’s unique feature is a “community fieldwork” connected to the research at your own organisation. This approach allows participants to become aware and learn from complex leadership dilemmas at the organisations which are inherently servant. 

The programme is structured as follows:


For whom?

SLRP participants are executives from a wide range of private and public organisations interested in critically assessing and reinventing their leadership style to the contemporary norms personal and organisational leadership.

Those who are in the following leadership situations will benefit from the programme most:

  • Leading an organisational renewal or change initiative
  • Working on new directions for serving your employees, customers, business partners, etc. for your department or your organisation
  • Being in a general management position for some time and wanting to bring a new wave of inspiration for yourself, as well as for your employees and the organization
  • Seeking a new and inspiring leadership development learning