ABRI Seminar Ola Henfridsson


13:30 - 15:30


Recombination in the open-ended value landscape of digital innovation

Ola Henfridsson

Amsterdam Business Research Institute

Business and Organisation

Conference / Symposium

The seminar will be followed by information coffee chat/Q&A. 

Please register by sending an email to Lesley Weston (l.a.weston@vu.nl) before Friday May 19th.


Digital innovation introduces a new open-ended value landscape to anyone seeking to generate or capture new value. To understand this landscape, we distinguish between design recombination and use recombination, explore how they play out together, and redirect the attention from products and services toward digital resources. Digital resources serve as building-blocks in digital innovation, and they hold the potential to simultaneously be part of multiple value paths, offered through design recombination and assembled through use recombination. Building on this perspective, we offer the value spaces framework as a tool for better understanding value creation and capture in digital innovation. We illustrate the framework and offer the early contours of a research agenda for information systems researchers.


Ola is a Professor and the Head of the Information Systems and Management Group at Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, UK. His research interests relate to the transformative potential of digital technology as it pervades modern business and entrepreneurship. Ola teaches digital business strategy and digital innovation at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He has worked and consulted with leading companies such as General Motors, Mecel, Volvo Cars, Volvo Trucks, and many more. He is a visiting professor at the Swedish Center for Digital Innovation at University of Gothenburg. He is also an external expert for the Information Systems and Innovation Group, Department of Management at the London School of Economics. He was a runner-up for the Warwick University 2015 “Outstanding Contribution to Research Excellence” award.

Ola earned his PhD at Umeå University, Sweden, in 1999. During 10 years at the Viktoria Institute, he managed a research group on digital innovation in the automotive industry and eventually became the institute’s Research Director. Ola’s research has been published in world elite journals such as Information Systems Research, MIS Quarterly, and Organization Science. He is a Senior Editor of Information Systems Research (2015-2017) and Journal of Information Technology. He is a former Associate Editor (2006-2008) and Senior Editor (2008-2011) of the MIS Quarterly.