ABRI Seminar Debjit Roy


12:00 – 13:00

HG 6A-37

Analysis of Taxi-Driver Operating Strategies in E-hailing Platforms

Prof. Debjit Roy (Indian Institute of Management and Rotterdam School of Management)

Amsterdam Business Research Institute

Business and Organisation


ABRI would like to invite you to the lunch seminar given by Prof. Debjit Roy (Indian Institute of Management and Rotterdam School of Management) about his research on the “Analysis of Taxi-Driver Operating Strategies in E-hailing Platforms”.
The seminar will take place on Friday, April 20, between 12:00 – 13:00, in room HG 6A-37.
To register for this event, please send an e-mail to Niki Konijn (n.m.konijn@vu.nl) latest on Wednesday, April 18, 12:00.  


Existing studies of the e-hailing taxi focus on the market’s equilibrium and effect of pricing strategies. In the existing studies, we find that the driver’s profitability is ignored. In this research, we analyze driver profit-maximizing reactive strategies in response to the platform’s broadcast of a ride request and an associated driver penalty for refusing a ride request. We consider a single taxi-driver operating in a service region, with the topology of a straight line, a square, or a circle. To the taxi-driver, we consider three reactive strategies to a ride request: no refusal, refusal based on proximity (accept the request only if the pick-up location is within a certain distance from the current location of the taxi), and refusal based on profitability index (accept the request based on the distance traveled to pick-up the customer and distance between pick-up and destination). From the combination of broadcasting method and the reactive strategies, we propose six operating modes. In an operating mode, our objective is to maximize the expected total profit made in an operating shift by controlling the reactive strategies. In straight line service region, we propose an analytical method to obtain the expected total profit. In square and circle region, we obtain closed-form approximation for the expected total profit through simulation and data-fitting. We develop a bisection search-based derivative-free optimization algorithm to obtain the maximum of expected total profit. We demonstrate the applicability of our work for both developed as well as emerging economy using different rate cards and service region topologies.
Debjit Roy
Production and Quantitative Methods Area
Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Management
Visiting Researcher, Rotterdam School of Management

Debjit Roy is a faculty member in the Production and Quantitative Methods Area since March, 2012. He holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering (with a major in Decision Sciences/Operations Research and a minor in Computer Science) and an M.S. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, besides an M.Sc. (Engineering) from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. He is also a Visiting Professor at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, where he is associated with the SmartPort and Material Handling Forum initiative. His research focuses on estimating the performance of Logistical and Service Systems such as Container Terminals, Automated Distribution Centres, Vehicle Rental, and Restaurant Systems using stochastic models and optimisation. He has received several research awards including the IIE Transactions Best Conference Paper Award in Facility Logistics (2011) and honourable mention designation in the IIE Transactions Best Applications Paper Award Competition (2016). He has published in several leading INFORMS and IEOR journals such as Transportation Science, EJOR, IIE Transactions, and Interfaces. He has co-authored the first book on Trucking Business Management published by McGraw Hill Education in 2016.