M&O Seminar Anne-Wil Harzing


11:30 - 13:00

Pantry fourth floor

Building your academic brand through engagement with social media

Prof. dr. Anne-Wil Harzing (Middlesex University, UK)

Amsterdam Business Research Institute

Business and Organisation


ABRI would like to invite you to an M&O lunch seminar given by  Prof. dr. Anne-Wil Harzing (Middlesex University, UK) on “Building your academic brand through engagement with social media”.
The seminar will take place on Thursday, May 17, between 11:30 – 13:00 in the pantry at the fourth floor and will include lunch.

In this presentation I explain why the use of social media is now an essential part of our academic life, discuss common reasons why academics are reluctant to engage with social media, and focus on how the use of social media can create [citation] impact. In the second part of my presentation I provide a practical review of social media use with examples of how to use the key social media platforms: Google Scholar Profile, LinkedIn, ResearchGate, Blogging and Twitter.  Finally, I provide recommendations for social media use at four levels: essential, optional, nice-to-have, only for the die-harts.

Anne-Wil Harzing is Professor of International Management at Middlesex University, UK, and Visiting Professor at Tilburg University, The Netherlands. Her research interests include international HRM, HQ-subsidiary relationships, the role of language in international business, and the quality and impact of academic research. Since 1999 she maintains an extensive website (www.harzing.com) with resources for international management and academic publishing, including the Journal Quality List and Publish or Perish, a software program that retrieves and analyses academic citations.