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“Towards inclusive careers across the lifespan: Integrating HRM and careers perspectives”

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Small Group Meeting: Call for Papers
“Towards inclusive careers across the lifespan: Integrating HRM and careers perspectives”
March 9, 2020
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Organizers: Friederike Mathey, Jana Retkowsky, Lena Knappert, Jos Akkermans, Svetlana Khapova – Amsterdam Business Research Institute, VU Amsterdam

Theme and scope:
Across the lifespan, careers underlie a dynamic process of individual choices and external influences. For example, the first major transition in one’s career – from education to work – is no longer a one-off event in which one chooses an occupation for the whole lifetime. Further, careers often do not end with retirement anymore; they rather continue in various forms of bridge employment. At the same time, the general trends in career development may not apply equally to all, for example careers of individuals from disadvantaged groups might take a rather different shape compared to the career models we know. Consequently, these prevailing characteristics of contemporary careers stipulate individual challenges and chances alike. Similarly, organizations and HR managers in particular must find answers to new questions, such as: How can organizations support their workers’ careers in the context of flexible contracts and project work? How can HR practices foster an inclusive environment for workers across different occupations and career stages? And how can HRM support individuals from disadvantaged groups in steering their careers? Addressing these and other questions, this small group meeting (SGM), organized by the Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam, focusses on state-of-the-art research about careers and inclusivity across the lifespan, introduced by a keynote lecture from Professor Mo Wang (University of Florida, USA).

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Career transitions and career outcomes across the lifespan (education-to-work, work-to-retirement, bridge employment, parenthood, international careers);
  • Inclusive careers, such as careers of individuals from disadvantaged groups, inclusive organizations and careers, and how these may change across the lifespan;
  • The role of HR in career transitions and HR practices that facilitate inclusive career tracks across career stages;
  • Career sustainability across the lifespan (e.g. individual and contextual resources and career outcomes) and the role of peers, supervisors, HRM, and other stakeholders;
  • Context-sensitive perspectives: Careers across occupational groups (e.g. corporates, SMEs, entrepreneurs, project workers) and organizational environments (e.g. corporations, MNEs, SMEs, start-ups, family-businesses) and the role of HRM in these different contexts.

The SGM will be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. With more than one million inhabitants in its urban area, it is the country's largest city and its financial, cultural, and creative center. The city has the highest museum density in the world and is home to cultural highlights, such as the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Hermitage Amsterdam and the Rijksmuseum with Rembrandt’s world-famous Nightwatch. Other well-known places of interest in Amsterdam are the Palace on the Dam, the Artis Zoo, Jewish Historical Museum, and the Rembrandt House. For more information on Amsterdam, visit
The SGM will take place at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, School of Business and Economics at the department Management & Organization and is hosted by ABRI (Amsterdam Business Research Institute). The university is located in the south of Amsterdam, only about 10 minutes away from Schiphol Airport and within walking distance of the Amsterdam Zuid train station.
Format and practical infotmation of the small group meeting:
The SGM is a small one-day-conference, taking place on Monday March 9. The meeting will offer 25 participants spots. Participation is free of charge. Lunch and drinks are provided by ABRI.

Scientific committee:
Prof. dr. Beatrice van der Heijden – Radboud University Nijmegen
Dr. Charissa Freese – Tilburg University
Dr. Joana Vassilopoulou – Brunel Business School & Erasmus University (Rotterdam)
Dr. Nele de Cuyper – KU Leuven
Prof. Dr. Paul Jansen – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Submission information:

We welcome everyone who wishes to participate in the SGM to submit an extended abstract (around 800 words) by December 8, 2019. Applicants should include the title and institutional affiliation in the abstract and send it to Notification of acceptance will be sent by December 20, 2019.