Research Seminar Marleen Dielemann



Pantry 4th floor

Pandering to Politicians: A Multiple Agency Perspective on State-Owned Enterprises in Emerging Markets

Marleen Dielemann, NUS Business School of the National University of Singapore

Amsterdam Business Research Institute

Business and Organisation

Conference / Symposium / Seminar

On Tuesday, December 10, at 12:30 in the pantry 4th floor, Marleen Dielemann, Associate professor at NUS Business School of the National University of Singapore,  will give a presentation of her paper which she has written together with Indri Dwi Apriliyanti Faculty of Social and Political Science, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia and Trond Randøy of International Management Department, School of Business and Law, University of Agder, Norway.

This study clarifies principal-to-principal conflicts among government entities in state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in emerging markets. Specifically, we investigate under what conditions agents (CEOs) cave in to political demands by different government-linked principals. Our qualitative study in Indonesia documents the pressures that CEOs face from multiple government-related principals (which we classify into primary, shadow, claimed, indirect principals). We suggest CEOs’ degree of compliance with political demands is influenced by the hierarchy of government principals and the interconnectedness between the principals. We also suggest that CEOs’ compliance with illegitimate political demands is a trade-off between negative incentives (sanctions associated with compliance versus sanctions for not complying). CEO responses also depend on their own affiliations with principals, especially those of a clientelist nature. We formulate new propositions based on our findings that advance multiple-agency theory.

Short biography
Dr. Marleen Dieleman is associate professor of strategy and family business at NUS Business School in Singapore. She holds a Master’s degree from Rotterdam School of Management and a PhD from Leiden University, both in The Netherlands. Her research focuses on the strategy and governance of Asian family business groups. Her publications explore how firms navigate the boundaries between firms and institutions. She published widely, including academic articles, books, chapters, and cases. Her work has often been quoted in international media such as Financial Times and she is a frequent keynote speaker and workshop leader. Marleen teaches strategy and family business in BBA, MBA and executive education programs. Marleen won the Outstanding Educator Award and the NUS Annual Teaching Excellence Award three times in a row and was placed on the NUS honor roll for sustained teaching excellence for 2017-2021.
Marleen enjoys interacting with business owners and corporate boards and has a particular interest in maritime and commodity-related sectors. She works closely with Asian family firms as a consultant and board member.