Omar Solinger among Best Papers of Journal of Organizational Behavior

Omar Solinger, Joeri Hofmans, Matthijs Bal, and Paul Jansen’s paper, “Bouncing back from psychological contract breach: How commitment recovers over time,” was selected as one of the three best papers published in the Journal of Organizational Behavior in 2016 (AI = 95).

07/11/2017 | 4:58 PM

Many people experience incidences where one’s organization breaks promises or does not live up its obligations. In academic jargon, we call this a ‘breach’ of the psychological contract. The research was conducted among academics working for Dutch and Flemish universities who surveyed on a weekly basis about their level of commitment to the university. The patterns showed that 50% of the surveyed academics, actually recovered from such breach. An interesting aspect of this paper is that it shows the specific trajectories of recovery and that recovery becomes easier when the organization offers support after the breach incidence. If employees felt emotionally aggrieved by the breach incidence, recovery was more difficult and plateaued at lower levels than before. Another interesting feature of the paper is that it uses a new statistical analysis technique for the capturing trajectories of recovery, called functional data analysis.