Wenjia Chang promotes Sino-Dutch HR integration solutions at Dutch Economic Mission to China

Wenjia Chang, SERVUS associate and ABRI Part-time PhD candidate, joined the Dutch Economic Mission to China on April 8-13.

04/19/2018 | 3:18 PM

She went there on behalf of her company MAX HRM, as part of a large trade delegation consisting of the Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands, accompanied by three ministers, several Secretaries of State and 175 companies and knowledge institutions with expertise in a wide range of fields.

The overarching theme of this Economic Mission was ‘Connecting Europe and Asia’, leveraging the Netherlands’ role as a gateway to Europe and engaging with China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Within European Union, The Netherlands is among the top-3 of China’s most important trading partners and is the 3rd largest investor in China.

Wenjia Chang used this opportunity to open a new chapter of MAX HRM in China, with full support Prime Minister Mark Rutte.  MAX HRM provides full-scale human resource solutions to companies both in the Netherlands and in China. With an extensive network of working professionals and being familiar with both Chinese and European labor markets, MAX aims to connect international talents with the demand of Chinese and Dutch companies.

Wenjia Chang, graduated from the MSc. Business administration (MSc thesis SERVUS) and is currently enrolled as a PhD candidate in ABRI’s Part-time PhD programme. Mid 2018 a chapter will be published in a Springer book on Sino-Dutch HR integration, by Wenjia Chang and Sylvia van de Bunt.