‘De Management Ideeënfabriek’ in top 4 of OoA

The book ‘De management Ideeënfabriek’ (the Management Ideas Factory) by Stefan Heusinkveld has been shortlisted by the OoA (the formal professional association of consultants) as the book of the year 2017.

06/12/2018 | 12:20 PM

It has been nominated with 9 other books around the 9th of April. It has been shortlisted with three others around 1st of May. Last Tuesday the winner has been announced: "Handboek Teamcoaching" by Martijn Vroemen.

Heusinkveld's book is about the origins of management ideas and how they are developed by consultants and gurus. It provides a look behind the scenes of the emergence of influential ideas such as the BCG matrix, the 7S model, Total Quality Management (TQM), the Balanced Scorecard (BSC), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Lean Management, Agile Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Order of Organizational Experts and Advisors (Ooa) is a Dutch professional organization for management consultants founded in 1940.
In addition to advocacy, the Ooa is involved in, among other things, facilitating professional practice, with quality assurance, drawing up codes of conduct, organizing events and publishing publications. Since 2010 they offer online "The canon of the consulting profession", which gives an overview of the historical development of the organizational advice profession.