Stefan Heusinkveld and Christine Teelken receive NIAA research grant

Stefan Heusinkveld and Christine Teelken (Faculty of Social Sciences) have been granted a research grant of the Network Institute. The proposal was entitled "Postdoctoral Researchers: their (in)formal networks and further Career structure."

07/09/2018 | 11:00 AM

This implies that two Network Institute Academy Assistants will be ranted for the coming academic year.
The reviewers commented that the proposal is undoubetdly of high societal interest, and that it is a good and relevant proposal.

The Network Institute studies the interaction between digital technology and society, or what is often called: the Digital Society. With its interdisciplinary focus, its extensive size, and its well-established organization, the Network Institute is uniquely positioned. Within the VU, it is a central player in realizing the VU’s Connected World research agenda. Meanwhile, many VU researchers have benefited from their Network Institute-based collaborations, and the institute has introduced interdisciplinary research work to a generation of young VU scholars.