VU Symposium for Consumer Research

On June 18th and 19th 2018, the VU Symposium of Consumer Research took place. The event (sponsored by ABRI) was organized by Aylin Aydinli, Femke van Horen and Peeter Verlegh and turned out to be a true success.

07/09/2018 | 4:32 PM

Top-notch scholars from the US and Europe (Prof. Vanessa Patrick (Houston University), Prof. Michel Pham (Columbia University), Prof. Ana Valenzuela (ESADE Barcelona/Baruch University), Prof. Joachim Vosgerau (Bocconi University), and Dr. Aylin Aydinli (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)) presented their most recent work in the realm of consumer research.

Due to the success of the VU Symposium in 2016, we were this year - aside to faculty from other schools in the Netherlands and Belgium - able to attract many international scholars to the Symposium (e.g., from Berkeley, Hong Kong, Indiana, Harvard, Vienna) which contributed greatly to the in-depth and lively discussions. All in all, the event has been an invaluable opportunity to enhance the visibility of our vibrant faculty and department in the field.