Brian Tjemkes and Oli Mihalache win SBE Educational Awards 2018

During the ‘End of the year event’ of the School of Business and Economics (SBE) on July 5, the School announced the winners of the Educational Awards 2018.

07/11/2018 | 4:52 PM

The Best Senior Lecturer Award 2018 went to Brian Tjemkes, Associate Professor at the Department of Management & Organization. Brian won this prize for his excellent lecturing skills and exceptionally high teaching scores from his students. Bart van den Hooff (KIN Center for Digital Innivation), Gert-Jan Melker (Management & Organization and Mark-Jan Boes (Finance) were also nominated.

Oli Mihalache, Associate Professor at the Department of Management & Organization was the winner of the Best Lecturer Talent Award 2018. The committee was impressed by his teaching skills and his devotion to his students. The other nominees were Ella Hafermaltz (KIN Center for Digital Innivation), Jan Wrampelmeyer (Finance) and Mohammed Rezazade Mehrizi (KIN Center for Digital Innivation).

Finally Jos Akkermans (a previous winner of the Educational Awards) from the Management & Organization Department announced the winners of the SBE Best Students Award 2018, which went to Puck Terpstra this year. Puck has finished her bachelor and master with high grades in combination with social awareness. Maarten Goedmakers and Wong Wee Seng were also nominated for their excellent work.