New cohort of the research MSc Business in Society

This year the rMSc BIS delivers its first cohort of graduates; from them all but one, who has found a research job in TNO, are hired to do their PhD, either at VU or RUG.

09/07/2017 | 5:30 PM

While they started their new jobs per last week, at VU the new cohort started. The introduction day on Wednesday covered visits and presentations at UvA and VU and included a fun challenge to get to know each other. Although we started off with 12 students on paper, 3 of them withdrew after all, and from the others that have actually started, 3 are internationals (Hong Kong, US, and Vietnam). Our efforts to recruit have also proved successful in showing an even distribution of men and women. They were accepted from a larger pool of applicants, based on high quality of their profiles. They will soon introduce themselves in the ABRI We. Please engage them in our seminars and think how you would like to work with them and contact Maura Soekijad, director of doctoral education. More via: