Femke van Horen in Panel of KennisCafé

People who see images of elderly people walk a little slower, unless they find elderly people stupid.

10/19/2018 | 10:57 AM

If you see a can of Pepsi in the film Home Alone then the chance that you order Coca Cola is smaller. On our own, we flee from a room that fills with smoke, but if there are others who just sit down, we do the same. If we smell freshly baked cookies, we want to buy them and in an elevator with strangers we all look in the same direction.

Research into manipulation, influencing, priming, nudging, anchoring, stimulation abound. Advertisers do it for sure, your environment may also do it, even our own government uses these resources to give citizens a push in the right direction.

Are we really so easy to influence - without being aware of it?
Dedicated to this question was the 16 October edition of the KennisCafé. The KennisCafé is a co-production of: KNAW, De Volkskrant, NEMO KennisLink and De Balie. The panel consisted of Prof. Denise de Ridder, Dr. Eva van den Broek and Dr. Femke van Horen of the Marketing Department of the Vrije Universiteit.

Please watch her appearance here.