Wendy Günther successfully defended her thesis

On 15 October Wendy Günther successfully defended her thesis titled "Data as Strategic Resources: Studies on How Organizations Explore the Strategic Opportunities of Data".

10/18/2019 | 2:22 PM

Wendy obtained her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Amsterdam in 2012. As she became more interested in the way IT is used within organizations, she decided to pursue the master ICT in Business at Leiden University. Upon completion of this master, she began her academic career as a PhD candidate as part of the KIN Research Group at the Vrije Universiteit in 2014. Wendy’s research focuses on how organizations can successfully leverage data as strategic resources. This includes studying how organizations develop and implement data-driven strategies; how traditional organizations transform into data-driven organizations, and what new roles and responsibilities emerge as organizations try to realize social and economic value from (big) data.