Ella Hafermalz wins SBE Junior Education Award

We are proud to announce the winners of the School of Business and Economics’ Educational Awards 2020.

12/18/2020 | 2:28 PM

In a video by SBE’s Student Faculty Council and the School of Business and Economics, Ella Hafermalz was proclaimed the winner of the SBE Junior Education Award.

Ella Hafermalz is Assistant Professor at the KIN Center for Digital Innovation. Her research looks at how technologies are used to facilitate new ways of working. She is particularly interested in how distance and remoteness are experienced by workers, and her research has looked at how colleagues skillfully use technologies to achieve a sense of being together even when they are physically apart.. The Council describes her as student-centred, encouraging, dedicated and having a great sense of humour.

The Senior Education Award was awarded to Remco Zwinkels, Professor of International Finance. Remco’s interest lie in the field of behavioral finance, and expectation formation in particular. Over the years, he has taught a large number of courses, ranging from international economics, monetary economics, to empirical finance.